Empower yourself in your relationships or career!

For those times in your life when you lack clarity, feel like you are having a spiritual crisis or facing difficult decisions, a reading from me can feel like a guiding light from the Divine. 

Charge your spiritual batteries!  

"After Sherri's readings I feel energized and validated. 
My back feels more relaxed. My whole body feels brighter.
It is like a Spiritual Massage."

"You are a natural healer."--Michele Nappi
"(The reading) has given me a lot to think about...and also a feeling of healing, which is great."--E.J.
"Just wanted to let you know that sooo much of what you told me has come to pass...it's amazing how dead on you are!"--D.F.
" ...a shout out that Sherri's readings are amazing!!!"--Stefanie P.
"When Sherri sits before her cards, they become an extension of her and she of them.  Of this union is born a quiet, grounded wisdom and power; true guidance for the rockiest times and places of our lives.  
Even for a neophyte like myself, the message of the cards in Sherri's thoughtful layouts is clear to read.  The answer to each question is surprising in its precision and astonishing in its impact.  
Sherri seemed to read my soul and empathize with its journey.  During my reading I  felt deep sorrow and acceptance; unexpected delight; and a challenge to change outmoded patterns of thought and behavior.
Sherri's reading was a gift that continues to inspire me to grow, change, and surrender to my highest good.
I recommend her without reservation to anyone in need of insight and clarity into any situation, on any level."
Tami Calliope
Montpelier, VT         

Here is what participants have said about my Tarot for Life workshop

"I totally enjoyed it. Fabulous."--Chris M. 

"You have given us a great gift."--Diane 

"You have made this wonderful.  I wanted to 'see' again and I am."--Susan T
"Her class is supportive, fun, challenging and adaptable to the participant's process. She encourages and inspires, and makes Tarot more personal."--Lydia
"In every way exceeded expectations."--Peg
"(Sherri is) wonderful--so compassionate and flexible--a natural teacher."--Jessica

Here's what participants have said about my "Tarot and the Divine Feminine" workshop:

"I would highly recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in the mystical, symbols, the Tarot, Goddesses & the Divine Feminine. The workshop was magical & empowering and the teacher, Sherri Glebus, is very wise, greatly inspiring & has a wonderful presence."--E.H.

"Beyond expectations...“--Michelle

"I loved it. I learned a LOT about the Tarot and its connection to the divine feminine that I had no idea about. 
I think it's wonderful, beautiful info. and a great way to talk about other spiritual things."--Emily

"Informative and generously shared material, gracious facilitation of a personal journey and a well-crafted structure to keep everyone together on the same page. 
You are inviting and receiving and I truly believe anyone would feel welcome and supported. You have a gift and a well-honed skill worth sharing and that improves the world."-Lydia
Guidance for transformation  
If you lack clarity about a specific challenge or issue you are facing, feel like you are losing faith, having trouble making a decision, feel like you need a change of some kind or are seeking deeper meaning, let me act as your channel of Wisdom. 
The Tarot deck is a wisdom system that is rich with magical symbolism.  I use my intuition and my knowledge of the cards to relay the messages that are communicated by the Universe during a reading.  
My goal is to leave you feeling clearer, more empowered to face life’s challenges and more aware on all levels.   
Blessed Be,
Sherri Glebus 

Readings available by phone, e-mail or in my Montpelier, VT office.

Available for events and groups.

Gift certificates available.

Reading sessions: $70/hour
Group/event rate: $80/hour
Contact me today and receive 20% off your first session!
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