About Me
Since I was very young I knew that I was a mystic.  My intuition, dreaming life and deep connection to the Divine/Nature  have called me to their service.
Now at mid-life I am Teacher, Wounded Healer, Mother, Scholar and Priestess.  I am devoted to consciousness, justice and authenticity.
I hold a B.A. in Secondary Education and an M.A. in Religion, Spirituality and Women's Studies.
As well as pursuing careers in education, human services and religion I have been reading and teaching Tarot professionally for 13 years.
In addition to the Tarot, my area of expertise is the Divine Feminine--in Her many forms within the context of many philosophies and theologies--in Her role as purveyor of social and ecological justice--in Her embodiment within the human psyche and Nature. I am called to be Her channel.
In Service,
Sherri Glebus, M.A.

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